Rabbi Avi and Ariella Honigsfeld

Postal Address:

5840 Forest Ln., Dallas, TX 75230






Rabbi Avi Honigsfeld studied for seven years in Baltimore. Maryland in the Ner Israel Rabbinical College. Rabbi Avi studied a wide gamut of Torah scholarship including Talmud, Jewish law, and Jewish philosophy. He received Rabbinical ordination from Ner Israel. In addition to his Torah studies, Rabbi Avi received his Masters in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University.

Ariella Honigsfeld originally from Long Island, New York has been an elementary school educator since 2005. Ariella received her Masters in Social Work from the University of Maryland. Ariella enjoys the opportunity to interact with many guests that she invites into her home. She is famous for her warm personality, sense of humor and her delicious Shabbos meals.

Avi and Ariella together with their five children enjoy having guests in their home. Rabbi Avi and Ariella enjoy cooking together and are famous for their gourmet Chinese food. Rabbi Avi loves music and especially jam bands.

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