Rabbi Nasanya and Devorah Zakon

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Rabbi Nasanya Zakon studied in the famous Yeshivos of Mir-Jerusalem, Chaim Berlin and Beth Medrash Govoha. He received Rabbinic ordination from both Rabbi Malkiel Kotler of the Lakewood Yeshiva and world renowned Halachic expert Rabbi Hillel David. In addition to Talmudic and Jewish law studies as well as practical rabbinics he has spent much time studying mystical and Hasidic sources. A great focus of his is teaching courses that show mystical sources as a pathway for personal development. Rabbi Zakon spends his day teaching Torah to classes and private groups as well as giving spiritual counseling and encouragement to Jews of all backgrounds.

Devorah Zakon originally from New York brings joy and inspiration to all with her wisdom and Joie de vivre. Her smile is contagious as she seamlessly weaves her roles as mother, wife, Rabbetzin and speech language pathologist into her busy life. Devorah’s insights are widely sought after in her classes and private study with women. She and her husband teach educational and entertaining marriage seminars for couples.

Charming, charismatic, and extremely popular, Rabbi Z enjoys bike riding, single malt scotch, and good conversation. He and his wife Devorah have four children, Miriam, Yaakov, Shifra and Nechama.

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