Rabbi Yerachmiel Fried

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Rabbi Yerachmiel D. Fried received his rabbinical ordination and training from leading institutions in Israel, most prominently from the noted Torah leader of our generation, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, ob”m.


Rabbi Fried grew up less connected to his roots and became inspired to pursue the richness of Jewish heritage and Torah observance by NCSY and others.  His life’s work of bringing others closer to authentic Judaism was ignited and fueled by his past – and the meaning he found as he continued to develop his scholarship in Torah.


In the fall of 1992, a dedicated, far-sighted lay committee was created to establish a rabbinical training program in Dallas. This committee were inspired to see a program which would bring young scholars to Dallas to receive their post-graduate rabbinical degrees as well as provide Torah educational opportunities for the broader community. They invited Rabbi Fried to relocate from Jerusalem to Dallas to spearhead this new organization which was dubbed DATA, the Dallas Area Torah Association. Over the past quarter of a century DATA has gone far beyond the imagination of the founding fathers in fulfilling its mission.


In addition to heading the post-graduate rabbinical studies, Rabbi Fried is also the Rav of Mikvah Israel of Dallas and leads the Dallas Conversion Court. Nationally, though, he oversees the rabbinical ordination program for the Orthodox Union, guiding the studies of NCSY youth directors in cities throughout North and South America.


Mosaica Press of Israel is currently working with Rabbi Fried to create a three-volume prodigious work, the “Encyclopedia of Jewish Thought” based upon his weekly column entitled “Ask the Rabbi” featured in the Texas Jewish Post since 1992.


Editors in Israel are concurrently preparing another of Rabbi Fried’s works for publication, “Emes V’Tzedek“, an epic resource on the laws of Jewish conversion.


Rabbi Fried is a Torah giant of our generation; a global resource of encyclopedic knowledge on a vast array of contemporary issues.  He is also a communal advisor, regularly counseling numerous couples and individuals on overcoming life challenges. Rabbi Fried is perhaps best cherished for his wisdom, wit and sense of humor.

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