Rabbi Yogi and Shifra Robkin

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5840 Forest Ln., Dallas, TX 75230






Rabbi Yogi Robkin studied in the prestigious Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore ,MD and received his Masters in Education and Administration from Loyola Univerity Chicago. Rabbi Yogi’s personal Jewish journey allows for a unique point of connection to other students beginning their own Jewish journey. Rabbi Yogi appreciates discussing the hard questions in life and is known for his interest and openness to discussing even the most taboo of subjects. A class with Rabbi Yogi is sure to have you laughing at his jokes and enlightened by his wisdom. Rabbi Yogi enjoys playing and following sports, inviting people to his exciting Shabbat meals and having deep Starbucks conversations with students and friends.

Shifra Robkin studied in a Jerusalem Seminary for women before completing her degree in Occupational Therapy from Towson University in Baltimore, MD. Shifra enjoys working with her pediatric clients in her work in Occupational Therapy and finds great meaning in her role as Rebbetzin to the community. Shifra is blessed with the ability to truly listen to others and offer her intuitive insights and cherishes the opportunities she has to share these gifts with others.

The Robkins have five children Shira, Dina, Rachelli, Shimon and Hillel.

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