About DATA



Judaism is the only major religion that embraces physical enjoyment in reaching spiritual heights.  At DATA we take this seriously and make a point of injecting fun into our events and classes on a daily basis.


Our number one priority is to help YOU have a relationship with Judaism.  We open our homes, and reach out to Jews of all backgrounds.  Come join the family, and develop a relationship with exceptional teachers and people.


The search for wisdom can take many different forms.  The DATA staff are experts in imparting the age old wisdom of Judaism in a modern and understandable way.  Come become WISE.


DATA helps you to explore your Jewish heritage through engaging, thought provoking learning experiences in a warm and inviting atmosphere. DATA is a non-profit, unaffiliated Jewish learning center. The DATA Rabbis and Rebbetzins are dedicated to bringing the beauty, depth and joy of Jewish learning to Jewish men and women of all backgrounds and affiliations.

DATA is the premier adult Jewish educational organization in the State of Texas. Over 25 classes are offered at DATA every week for Jewish men and women of all backgrounds and affiliations. The men and women of DATA are dedicated and committed to utilize these classes, as well as individual learning sessions, to bring the beauty, depth and joy of Torah study to all Jews. We are committed to promoting this message out to the wider Jewish community so that many more Jews can take advantage of, and enjoy, this immense resource at their disposal to enhance their Jewish knowledge, awareness and pride. DATA was founded in 1992 and has since served thousands of people across the Metroplex as an inclusive resource for learning and connection through its unique non-judgmental approach to Jewish education.


Whether you’re Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, unaffiliated or somewhere in between, DATA is your most vibrant source for Jewish learning in the Metroplex. Through study opportunities in various formats and locations, DATA brings a new dimension to everyday Jewish life. Our team of dynamic Rabbis and Rebbetzins, share the tools that connect timeless Jewish traditions with modern life. You can learn in a nurturing environment as the DATA Family opens their minds to impart wisdom, their homes to share Shabbat, and their lives for personal family celebrations.

By uniting fellow Jews through shared joy in religious education and Judaic tradition, and by extending a friendly, upbeat, non-judgmental invitation to all Jews, DATA is building bridges in our community. DATA is known throughout the nation as the Flagship of the Kollel Movement. We look to our lay leadership to help us achieve our lofty goals, to elevate the level of Jewish education and awareness throughout the Jewish community of Dallas and the Metroplex. In that way we will continue to pave the way and set the bar for dozens of other Jewish communities throughout North America, helping ensure a secure Jewish future for American Jewry. Striving to Connect Jews Through Love, Frienship, and Unity. Know More and Live Better with DATA.